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DRUM LESSONS VIA SKYPE!  Yes, time to SKYPE!  I PUT THE FUN BACK INTO LEARNING HOW-TO PLAY THE DRUMS.   I teach all ages and levels of experience – beginners, advanced as well as professional drummers.  My progressive teaching methods, 30+ years of real world drumming experience will help you, or your child,  learn easier and become a better drummer.   I teach the following styles: rock, blues, funk, reggae, fusion, jazz, R&B, Latin and more. You will find that my teaching style is inspiring and truly GREAT FUN.   Many of my students have gone on to study at Berklee, teach and gig as professional musicians.  I am a CERTIFIED MEMBER OF THE VIC FIRTH EDUCATION TEAM AND PERCUSSIVE ARTS SOCIETY.  Call today to schedule your drum lessons…….you will be THRILLED you did!

You will learn: the Essential Drum Rudiments,  time keeping techniques, drum music reading/notation, soloing techniques, the Bonham “biddily-bop, linear drumming techniques, the Garibaldi 7, jazz perpetual groove, ostinatos, how-to play odd times, polyrhythm’s and much more…DOUBLE BASS TECHNIQUES TOO!  I take a dynamic and interactive teaching approach.  Each of your drum lessons is personalized and custom tailored to your ability, desire to excel and yes – GREAT FUN TOO!!   I use various proprietary methods that help my students LEARN FASTER, EASIER AND HAVE A LOT MORE FUN compared to old school and video drum teaching methods.  I bring a lifelong love of drumming to each of your private drum lessons. For further information – please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have and supercharge your drumming experience today via SKYPE.      To set-up your drum lessons via SKYPE,  feel free to give me a call at (773) 732-0820.   Thanks***

(773) 732-0820

You are viewing a BRAND NEW SET OF THREE Wuhan cymbals. The quality and playability of these cymbals will astound you! The set includes a 10″ splash, 12″ splash and 16″ fast crash. All cymbals are CAST from B20 bronze, machine lathed and hand polished to a brilliant Zildjian like finish. The build and sound quality of these three cymbals are comparable to pro quality cymbals from the big three cymbal makers: Zildjian, Sabian and Paiste. The splash cymbals are warm, dark, have an excellent tonal mix, very musical and responsive. The Wuhan 16″ crash, you will be truly astounded. It sounds absolutely amazing – fabulous! The cymbals sound and play so excellently – that I would most definitely use them on upcoming gigs.

All three cymbals are VERY SWEET and will compliment all styles of music including: rock, blues, funk, metal, jazz and more. Simply – they sound as good or better then cymbals costing twice the price! As a pro drummer and drum instructor – I can confidently say that you will love these three cymbals big time! This is a ONE TIME SPECIAL BLOW-OUT DEAL. You can check this cymbal deal out on eBay:  EBAY AUCTIONS .

You will also receive THREE FREE GIANT VIC FIRTH DRUM POSTERS and TWO PAIR OF VIC FIRTH NOVA 5A hickory drum sticks with your winning bid. You’ll be happy to know that Wuhan cymbals come with a full one year guarantee against breakage and defects. PayPal is the preferred method of payment.    Please fee free to contact me with any questions you might have:


Have at this one.  Amazing chops and rhythmic ideas:  Virgil Donati: Toyko 2004 Drum Solo


Great news,  Todd is in the studio working on his new instructional drum DVD project “Methods & Mechanics II.”   Todd is not just a excellent drummer and monster behind the kit;  he is personable and an all around great guy!   Checkout Todd’s  Modern Drummer performance from 2008 and Methods & Mechanics promo from his first DVD!  You’ll be REALLY GLAD you did***



I really enjoy changing up rudiments, developing hybrids and  exploring new and challenging ways to expand my drumming arsenal.   Here’s a hybrid  I came up with back in 2003… the Para-Triplet.    Essentially, you are playing groups of five and counting this phrase like you would 8th note triplets:  ”  1   &   A     2  &  A    3  &  A   4  &  A.”   You want to play a single hit on each of the first two counts and three hits (a 16th note triple stroke) on each of  the “A” counts.   Play what you say.

First and foremost, take it slow and go for good technique.    Then – speed it up a bit.   Once you get groovin –  challenge yourself with faster tempos.   If you are a brave warrior – try putting the first two hits on your kick drum or alternatively try putting the last three hits on your kick drum.  You can also invert the Para-Triplet (RRR LR).  Create and have fun.  The basic sticking is as follows.  Your comments and feedback are very much appreciated.   Thx***


I have been designing/building/marketing electronic drum equipment for over 15 years.  Many of my eDrum trigger pads and practice pads as well as cymbals are offered via eBay.   Checkout my eBay auctions by clicking on this link:   EBAY AUCTIONS

FYI – All Zildjian cymbals are 40% off list price.   All Wuhan cymbals are 45% off list price.  All Vic Firth, Zildjian, ProMark and Vater drum sticks are 40% off list price.  All REMO , ATTACK and EVANS drum heads are 38% off list price.   It takes ONLY TWO BUSINESS DAYS to receive your order.  Payment can be in the form of:  cash, personal check or with CC/debit card via PayPal.   Thanks***


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